A million will sing Nordic!

Do you like to sing? Do you sing in chorus? Or do you just like to listen to choirmusic? Then you should not miss the largest singalong livestreaming event in the Nordic regoin - with choirs from all over the Nordic countries!

On Saturday, September 7th, a grand choir and all-singing concert with 250 Nordic choir members will be organized. The choir concert will be livestreamed from Aarhus in Denmark to cultural houses, cinemas and churches all over the Nordic region, so that everyone can meet and sing along in the Nordic countries!

The concert brings together choirs that represent some of the best the Nordic region can offer in terms of both rhythmic and classical choral music. Föreningen Norde på Åland and the Nordic Institute in Åland (NIPÅ) has now arranged so that even our lovely Åland choirs and singers can participate in this - here from Åland! We will livestream the choral concert on a big screen in Alandica where you can also combine the singing evening with the good friends' team to take something good to drink or eat and then just enjoy the choral song and sing along with the heart's desire. The concert will include some songs, including the fine Åland folk song "Vem kan segla förutan vind". The text will be available so that you can easily singalong to the song.

One of the already announced choirs is SeaSide Singers. “-We think it's fantastic fun to sing barbershop together and it's fun when organizing events like this where more choirs meet. We also want to be seen and attract more singers to our choir. ” says Charlotte Fagerlund from Sea Side Singers.

On site in Denmark, the participating choirs are:

  • Vocal Line (DK)
  • EVE (DK)
  • Sing Selected (DK)
  • Aarhus Girl Choir (DK)
  • Norwegian Youth Choir (NO)
  • Swedish Youth Choir (S)
  • Must Lammas (FI)
  • House choroid (FO)
  • Single (IS)
  • Aavaat (GL)

During the concert, three Nordic sing-alongs will be sung, where just about everyone, regardless of the meeting, the nation or age can sing along. The three selected songs are "Surrounded by enemies", "Who can sail without wind" and "In the deep silence of the forest".

An interest registration form can be found below on the page and please write in the notification if you come from any choir, so that we can in turn communicate what Åland choirs are present during the evening.

The doors open at 19.30 and at. After 21:00 the concert will start on a big screen. Before the concert starts, all opportunities to sing and spontaneous songs are encouraged throughout the evening! The piano will be in place.

We look forward to a fantastic choir concert and singing along with many Åland singers!

There is no entry during the evening, but you must sign up in advance (whether you want to eat or not) so that we can plan the evening in the best way. You can find an interest registration form here! 

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