Linnea Selander and Plutos Baby at

Pluto`s Baby and Linnea Selander

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) continues to present Friday concerts at On May 15th, Pluto's Baby, who is Linnéa Selander from Åland, will be presenting her current EP debut. The music has both the softness of a lullaby combined with nocturnal mysticism.

The EP goes by the name "Club Lullabies" and consists of spherical tracks where Linneas' silky voice meets an equal amount of pompous and clublike production.

Linnéa Selander is the singer-songwriter from Åland, now based in Malmö in Sweden, who produces melancholic and emotional pop music under the artist name Pluto's Baby. Her work on the EP began a few years ago and the result is classy tracks where all songs are based on fragments from Linnea's own life. It is all about love and sorrow, wanting to give up and at the same time finding strength from within and about daring to dream.

"- The whole EP is about overcoming things and moving on. Getting over love, sadness, being stuck in one's own head and how to deal with it. The feeling of wanting to give up and leave everything to fate or chance. I wanted to gather all that stuff into songs that people can listen to at the pre-party or after-party. Upload and download. ", says Linnéa Selander.

About Linnéa Selander

Linnéa Selander, Pluto's Baby started with music as she felt her voice change. In connection with that, she wanted to explore her voice and began to sing. As a fifteen-year-old she started at the Åland Institute of Music where she was trained in jazz. After graduating, she moved to Bergslagen where she studied jazz and soul and started writing her own songs. Now she is in the spotlight with her solo project Pluto's Baby and her debut EP "Club Lullabies".

When? May 15th, 19.00
Artist? Pluto`s Baby, Linnea Selander

Photo: Zarko Ivetic

Linnea Selander singing
John Riggebo drums
Tove Darelid piano
Tora Engelbrekt synth

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