TÝR and Føroyar symphony orchestra at http://nipalive.ax on 1.5

Symphony Orchestra and Heavy Metal

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) presents ongoing Friday concerts online at http://nipalive.ax in Corona times. We work hard to get a variety in genre and style. On May 1st of this year, things will be slightly different than most people are used to, as many will miss the traditional events they usually attend on this day. Therefore, we now want to make sure that we offer something very special; The Faroe Islands Symphony Orchestra along with the heavy metal band TÝR. A surprisingly wonderful combination!

This concert is an interaction between the Faroe Islands Symphony Orchestra and the heavy metal band TÝR, which is known for its special musical mix of Nordic folk music and heavy heavy metal. The concert was recorded just before the Corona outbreak in February. TÝR has 75-100 concerts a year all over the world and they returned during the spring to the Faroe Islands and recorded the concert with the support of a whole symphony orchestra. It's a powerful combination that we at NIPÅ simply have to show in our live channel; http://nipalive.ax

"- It has been a dream since I was young and heard Deep Purple with symphony orchestra - later also Metallica - and I wanted to try something similar myself." says guitarist and singer in TÝR, Heri Joensen.

In addition, in this context, TÝR consists of, Terji Skibenæs on guitar, Gunnar H. Thomsen on bass and Tadeusz Rieckmann on drums.

This is the first time that Føroyar Symphony Orchestra tested a collaboration with a heavy metal band.

15 tracks have been arranged for orchestra and choir by Haraldur Sveinbjörnsson. Leading the orchestra is conductor Bernhard Wilkinson.

The former Symphony Orchestra conductor Poul Jákup Thomsen says about the meeting between metal music and the classical, that even TÝR fans will experience the astonishing power of a full symphony orchestra. The concert, he believes, can also be an eye opener for the symphony orchestra's normal audience - for those unfamiliar with heavy metal. This is a cultural meeting with contrasts where we get an opportunity to broaden our horizons.

The concert was in many ways special when it was performed in the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands.

"- There were a lot of people in the house. We made room for twice as many audiences as we normally have. The house looked like a mini version of a stadium concert for a few days." says Lasse Thorning Jaeger at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands to NIPÅ.

"- Musically, both the band and the orchestra were spurred on by a new way of working - and learned a whole lot about each other along the way. At the same time, the audience was also enriched with a new take on Nordic heavy metal." says Lasse.

The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands thinks it is great that the concert now reaches an audience at Åland, through the collaboration with the sisterorganization Nordic Institute on Åland.

Where? http://nipalive.ax
When? May 1st, 19.00
Artist? TÝR and Føroyar Symphony Orchestra

Photo: Veingir

Producer: KVF / Kringvarp Føroya

The project is a collaboration between Kringvarp Føroya, Nordic House, the Faroe Islands Symphony Orchestra, and TÝR.

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