Thomas Backman concert

Thomas Backman

Thomas Backman

The woodwind musician Thomas Backman has for many years been heard as a sideman in all kinds of contexts. In groups like paavo and Klabbes Bank or with Sarah & Georg Riedel, Maia Hirasawa and Cecilia Persson, he is present with his personal play and puts his mark on the music.

In 2016 Thomas finally put together his own band. In the band, Thomas has picked up some of his favorite musicians, each of which is a well known name on the Swedish music scene. In addition to their own successful solo projects, members of the band have been heard with names like Petra Marklund, Uri Caine, Django Bates, Rikard Wolff & Loney Dear, to name a few.

In November 2017, the band entered Studio Dubious in Stockholm to record the music released in mid-2018 on the debut album "Did you have a good day, David?" (Modern Music). The music on the album consists of 9 songs, all Thomas compositions, with Josefine Lindstrands lyrics on 3 of the songs.

The music combines elements from both bebop and freejazz as from hip hop, indie pop and chamber music. Together with the exciting arrangements of the songs and the intimate interaction of the band and with Christoffer Roth's caring album mix, the result is an extremely personal and exciting voice on the Swedish jazz scene today.


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