Publicerad Thursday 09 April kl 09:35

We at NIPÅ are delighted to announce that we in collaboration with Ålcom, now enable their IPTV customers to watch NIPALIVE-concerts directly via the TV!

Getting the concerts through on TV is a great addition to broadcasting the concerts via, as some target groups may have difficulty with the technology, to double-screen or switch on bluetooth speakers for optimal sound quality. And we at NIPÅ are glad to find solutions that make it easy for more people to take part of the culture. In this way you can choose whether you want to watch the concert via or turn on the TV.

"- It's great that we at Ålcom can support the culture in times like these. NIPÅ is having a success with these digital Friday concerts and now that we make the concerts available to our IPTV customers, it will be even easier for even more people to take part in the music and the art. " says Tom Bengtsson, CEO of Ålcom.

The NIPALIVE channel will be located on channel 65 on IPTV.

All concerts will also be available via Re-TV for Ålcom's IPTV customers.

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