Art Agenda 2030 seeks art from children and young people.

OPEN CALL - art for future

Publicerad Tuesday 08 March kl 09:36

Now we are looking for works of art by children and young people (under 26 years) that express sustainable development and a positive view of the future!

The work must provide a picture of the young artist's image of the future and the work must in some way relate to one or more of the UN's goals for sustainable development.

The applicant can for example be a young artist, a professional, a group of friends or a school class. The works of art can be anything from dance, visual art, music, performance, poems, circuses, environmental art, virtual works, sound or light works of art, videos, photographs, stories, installations, etc. In other words, you can apply with EVERYTHING that can be entered under the heading ART.

Of all the submitted applications, 17 different works will be selected from different corners around the Nordic region and selected works are presented both physically and virtually around the Nordic region, also through us at the Nordic Institute on Åland. Each selected work receives a prize money of 300 euros.

Now we are keeping our fingers crossed for many applications from Åland!

Deadline is April 30th and you can read more about the Open Call session and how to apply here. 

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