Digital exhibitions at NIPÅ

The Nordic Institute in Åland (NIPÅ) has developed a concept for digital exhibitions. This means that we show exhibitions completely digitally and thorough this can reach out with culture and art in a digital manner.

What is a digital exhibition?

  • Brand new landing pages on, with customization depending on the art to be displayed.
  • The digital exhibitions are divided into two pages; partly an introductory presentation page, with information about the artist, exhibition, period and thoughts on the works and art.
  • From that page you also move on to another page where the gallery itself and the display of the art can be found, including a film presentation.
  • Initially, the landing pages will mainly present films and pictures of artwork in a digital gallery through an overview, with good zooming opportunity and detailed information about the various works.
  • Other examples of what a digital exhibit might include:
    • Animated GIFs
    • 360 impressions
    • Movies
    • YouTube video
    • SoundCloud, Spotify widgets or audio playback native
    • We develop technical solutions according to the needs of the individual projects.
  • A movie where the artist tells about himself, about the works and thoughts behind the exhibition.
  • A digital exhibition at lasts for 2 months.
  • Digital exhibitions are also presented on the startpage of as well as in the cultural calendar, with a clear indication on that it is a digital experience.
  • The exhibitions are chosen based on the same strategic parameters that control all NIPÅ events, whether physical or digital.

What should the artist deliver?

  • If it is an exhibition of paintings, we need pictures of the works in .jpg or .png format. At least 900 px in hight (preferably more for better online zooming opportunities), 72 dpi, rgb. NIPÅ will take the responsibilty for compressing and processing the images to the extent this is necessary.
  • If other formats are needed, you will have to notify NIPÅ aboust this in your application for this.
  • When the artist has agreed and signed for a digital exhibition it gives NIPÅ the right to use the submitted material to communication before and during the ongoing exhibition, and if necessary also as after the exhibition. The artist is thus responsible for having the right to share the pictures to NIPÅ.
  • The artist is responsible for providing information to NIPÅ about possible photocred/photobyline on each pictures that are delivered.
  • Text documents about the artist and about the thoughts with the exhibition. NIPÅ will rewrite and adapt the text to the extent this is necessary.
  • Film material in which the artist presents himself briefly and his/hers thoughts with the exhibition itself. Either finished or cut material can be delivered, or matrerial that NIPÅ can edit and cut.
  • The material accorind to above should be submitted to NIPÅ no later than 6 weeks before the scheduled exhibition start.
  • Works list with the works' name, dimensions, material, etc., to NIPÅ, if this is relevant for the artist to include.

What is the artist offerred?

  • NIPÅ offers every artist who signes a digital exhibition contract 500 euros.
  • NIPÅ publishes the digital exhibitions on, with pictures, film and presentation.
  • NIPÅ also gives each artist a proposal for a communicative plan focusing on digital channels.
  • NIPÅ will communicate and highlight the digital exhibitions in its channels;, some (fb, insta) both organic and boosted as well as press information. (In addition, the concept will also initially be highlighted in traditional media such as radio and local magazines to present the beginning of the concept.)
  • NIPÅ can also work to lift the digital exhibitions in the Nordic networks and for other Nordic collaborative or sister organizations to share and promote the digital exhibitions. This could give the participating artists opportunities to gain visibility around the Nordic countries.

What is not included?

  • The agreement does not include NIPÅ to do the footage. If the artist needs this support, he/she should contact NIPÅ about this and agree on this separately.
  • The agreement does not include that the exhibition should be hung in NIPÅ's gallery and then photographed or filmed, if the artist needs this he/she should contact NIPÅ and agree on this separately.

Who can participate in digital exhibitions?

  • The participating artists will represent different parts of the Nordic region, Åland as well as other Nordic countries and autonomous territories.
  • NIPÅ will to some extent have an outreach contact to find suitable artists. Initially, the digital exhibitions will feature some of the artists who have had cancelled exhibitions because Corona crisis.
  • NIPÅ also has a registration form here at where you can register your interest if you are interested in doing a digial exhibition av There you can attach contactinformation, a short presentation of the exhibition of a maximum of 1,000 characters and you can also attach a maximum of three sample pictures. It does not have to be new works, but preferably works that have not been shown before, for the best publicity.
  • NIPÅ is looking at the opportunities to display digital art. To the extent that it is digital art, NIPÅ does understand that applications might not includes pictures but other filetypes, so that the artist are able to presenting the ideas appropriately.

Sales of art/works?

  • Please note that NIPÅ is not a selling gallery. The digital exhibitions will therefore not include information on prices on art, but if anyone is interested in purchasing an artwork, NIPÅ will refer to direct contact with the artist or his selling gallery.

Please note that the above is a concept presentation that explains the layout with digital exhibitions, so that one clearly can understand what the concept means.

If you are an artist and are interested in doing a digital exhibition at NIPÅ, you should apply you interest by the link below. You till recive an answer within a fex weeks with information on whter you have a place or not.

 Apply here for digital exhibition




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