Picture of all artists participating in the Archipelago Tour on Åland 2022

The archipelago tour

The archipelago tour has for several years invited audiences, artists and musicians to magnificent concerts with several of Sweden's most beloved musicians in the most beautiful places in the Stockholm archipelago. This year they start their tour with two concerts on Åland!

The quality of the Archipelago tour is high and many thoroughbred professionals and famous names are among the artists who come to Åland; Viktoria Tolstoy, Tina Ahlin, Marie Nilsson Lind and Malena Ernman. The musicians are world drummer Morgan Ågren who i.a. played with Frank Zappa, Johan Strindberg from Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Krister Jonsson, jazz guitarist with i.a. Viktoria Tolstoy and Kristin Stenerhag, known from Peter Carlsson and the Blue Frogs!

When they come to Åland, several Åland artists visit the concerts!

Tilde Westergård - chosen by audition during the spring - will perform at both concerts in Föglö and Mariehamn! Tilde is 19 years old and won the singing competition Deluxe 2021 and has participated in the show "The Spirit Of The 80s" at Alandica in the spring of 2022. Tilde has had singing assignments at various events on Åland and is clearly a growing star.

As a band for the concert on July 18 at Föglö, soprano Therese Karlsson will perform together with Patrik Komorowski and Andreas Nyberg.

Therese Karlsson is seen in many contexts and is most recently relevant in "Fanny" and "Havsandar" - both Åland100 concerts. Andreas Nyberg grew up in Föglö and now lives in Sweden and plays in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and at the Folkoperan. Currently on record with a collection of rarely or never before recorded works by Evert Taube. Patrik Komorowski is a pianist and opera rehearsal with a background at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and the Opera Academy and he performs regularly in various contexts. He is also a teacher at Åland's Music Institute and that he has recently released a CD with piano music by Philip Glass.

As a pre-band (for Carlsro's dinner guests), the Åland Red Beans & Rice Jazz Band with Maria Stenberg-Haug in the lead will also perform!

As a connection to the concert on 19 July at the Pomeranian quay in the western harbor in Mariehamn, we get to enjoy Green Fish - a trio consisting of Ella Grüssner Cromwell-Morgan, Johan Eriksson and Kristoffer Gottberg. With dense vocals and arrangements close to the skin, they mainly glide forward in the arena of the 60s and 70s music. With a standing bass, an electric guitar and an electric violin, they interpret everything from Zeppelin and Sabbath to Nancy Sinatra and Johnny Cash.

More about the Archipelago Tour and Briggen Tre kronor

Those who work with the Archipelago Tour are; Sven Westman (project manager), Richard Karsten (project manager) Tina Ahlin (artistic director), Malin Skilberg (logistics manager) Daniel Skilberg Archipelago photo (Archipelago tour photographer), Morgan Ågren (communication), Johan Strindberg (conductor).

Artists who have participated through the years are Lill Lindfors, Louise Hoffsten, Ebbot Lundberg, Uno Svenningson, Viktoria Tolstoy, Jack Vreeswijk, among many many more!

The archipelago tour collaborates with the brig Tre kronor - a wonderful sailing ship that makes sailing trips around Sweden every year, and the project in this way supports their work for a sustainable Baltic Sea. Briggen Tre kronor initiated the Expedition Save the Baltic Sea (has moved from Sustainable Seas to it!) Which, together with researchers, environmental organizations, politicians and the business community, works for sustainable development for the Baltic Sea. The archipelago tour also annually awards an archipelago prize to an actor who has made an important impression on the archipelago environment - the natural environment or the cultural environment.

What? The archipelago tour on Åland!
When? July 18th at Carlsro, Föglö and July 19th at Pommernskaj, Västra Hamnen Mariehamn

ps. Further down the page you will find a link to an earlier concert during the Archipelago Tour

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The events are supported by Åland's cultural delegation on the occasion of Åland 100.

photo: Marcus Boman, Tinca Björke

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