The Nordic Institute in Åland presents a digital exhibition with Bo Torgé

Music in art - digital exhibition with Bo Torgé

Bo Torgé's early paintings were contemplative, restrained form studies. But his later paintings are life-affecting performances in color and rhythm, where the woman figure often is in focus through dance and music. You almost know how the women move on the canvas and it is only the imagination of the viewer that puts restrictions.

The paintings are mostly abstract and relate to abstract expressionism, says Bo. He paints and creates based on objects and shapes, which he wants the viewer to be able to fill with his imagination.

“- I would like to refer to my paintings as" objects ", since I associate the paintings with the idea of a form, which has come to be the end result of an inner experience or idea. In my objects I use geometric shapes. They are represented in different series and in a specific system for each object. The uniformity and symmetry of the paintings allow a great variation. There are no limits here. The geometry is important in my paintings, but never as an goal, rather as it wants to tell us something. " says Bo Torgé.

Bo Torgé was born in 1949 in Sweden, but has been living in Åland since the early 1970´s, and today he mainly works as an artist. His expression through art varies, and his paintings has evolved over the years.

The digital exhibition at the Nordic Institute in Åland (NIPÅ) started on April 23rd and was shown digitally here on until June 23rd.

Please also note that NIPÅ is not a selling gallery, and in the case of interest we refer directly to the artist or to his gallery.

When? April 23rd - June 23rd
Artist? Bo Torgé

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