Nordic institut on Åland - Breaks of Dawn

Breaks of Dawn - a livecinema work

Breaks of Dawn is an improvised live cinema work performed by folk / jazz band Barlast and the media artist Nina-Maria Unsuspected. Breaks of Dawn move during the hours when it is dark and nothing happens, outside of an everyday life, in an intermediate state before a million city wakes up.

What happens in the surroundings at night where not everyone is awake, when the time is not quite as in everyday life. Breaks of Dawn state an abstract state, another consciousness. Who are those who watch, are unconscious? The experience is a journey or end.

The film whole is made in an Asian environment, in urban million cities (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei). Unexpected has searched for places in different neighborhoods where there is still a magic layer of time where she can squeeze in and build on the fictional world and mood she visualizes. She has also worked for the film with local artists in place, movement and expression using performance and improvisation as a working method.

Unexpectedly cuts the video live and is thus a natural part of the improvisational band Barlast. Ballast mixes European jazz, Nordic folk music and free improvisation. The band has performed in Finland, Estonia, Norway and Hungary. Barlasts has released two records - Ihantola (2017) and Svanvik (2019), which have gained international attention.

Ballast creates new music with the silence echoing in the background. Everything superfluous is scrapped. Only the name remained as ballast.

  • Philip Holm - double bass
  • Heikki Hänninen - acoustic guitar and electric guitar
  • Minna Koskenlahti - percussion and flute
  • Sanna Salonen - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet and mankind
  • Nina-Maria Undiscovered - live visuals

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Welcome to Bio Savoy on November 1st at 19.00
Tickets € 10 are sold at the door.

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