Marlene Lindbäck presents digital exhibition "Calm Energy" at

Calm Energy

Creativity, nature and mental health. All these are matters of heart for Marlene Lindbäck. In her digital exhibition at, she will have a little extra focus on the interconnection between these different areas.

Nature is vulnerable, sensitive and exposed, just like we humans. In Lindbäcks exhibition at, she reflects on what we as humans can gain from seeing the connection between man and nature, and to become more responsive to nature.

" - Nature probably came before humans and a more humble approach would automatically lead to a better welbeing, both for man and nature." says Marlene.

This digital exhibition will be shown on from October 20th until December 20th. In the exhibition Lindbäcks watercolor paintings will be combined with texts that will help establish the link between living and feeling good.

" – To develop one's creativity as long as one lives, can be the direct channel is into prosperity and welbeing, if we so desire." says Marlene.

About Marlene Lindbäck

In addition to being a preschool teacher and visual artist, Marlene Lindbäck is also trained in mental training, talk therapy and mindfulness.

Right now her focus is mainly on writing children's books, where the core issue is mental health, creativity, nature, thoughts, feelings and behaviors, all developed with the help of both excitement and humor.

In connection with the exhibition, two workshops are also arranged; one for adults with a focus on a prosperous painting and one for children, where you paint a story.

  • 12.11, at 18.30-20-30, Watercolor painting and conversation about creativity & mental training, workshop for adults.
  • 19.11, kl. 17.30-19.30, We write a story and paint it, workshop for children about 7-10 years.

What? Digital exhibition at
When? 20.10-20.12
Artist? Marlene Lindbäck (AX)
Workshops? Two workshops, one for adults and one for children.

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