Cirkus Unik and Teater Tre on the children's culture weekend on Åland 20-21 August 2022

Children's culture weekend with circus and theater!

All children between 4-12 years are guaranteed an unforgettable weekend when the children's culture weekend takes place on Åland on 20-21.8 - it will be a weekend with music, theater, workshops and fun circus for both slightly younger and older children!

Osamsas with Theater Three

Teater Tre from Stockholm comes and shows Mim-based visual theater with movement, lyrics and music in a nice mix. Teater Tre is touring all over the world and now they are coming to Åland with the performance Osamsas.

Osamsas is a fast-paced physical and humorous duel without unnecessary words. In an inner world characterized by fantasies and emotional storms, we get to follow two siblings' everyday lives, full of play, projects, plans, quarrels and interaction. Emotions take physical form and time stops at what may seem insignificant, but which is in fact the center of the earth. An unintentional mistake causes disasters and the wait for an apology is as long as a change of seasons.

Osamsas is about siblings' wrestling matches, negotiations and rules. About stumbling after someone who always knows better. About always having to shorten the step and wait for the one who wins. About being imitated, deceived, joked and teased. About climbing over new obstacles so that someone shows how it works. About discovering the world together with the best and hardest person in the whole world.

Director: Elf Karlén. On stage: Karin Bergstrand and Otto Milde.

What? Performance Osamsas
When? 20.8, kl. 13.00, 21.8, kl. 13.00
Place? Alandica Auditorium
Tickets? € 10 adult, € 5 child, booked via Alandica.
The show is aimed at children 4-8 years

Monster with Circus Unique

Cirkus Unik wants to make the world a little better with the help of new circuses. They want to create change on an individual, group and societal level with circus as a tool to increase children's self-esteem, ability to work together and the opportunity to believe in their dreams.

Monster is a theater-circus performance, which is about a child who struggles with his thoughts of anxiety and his low self-esteem. During the performance, the child becomes more and more aware of his thoughts and feelings and becomes friends with them. Techniques: rope, aerial acrobatics, juggling and theater, dance and song.

DirectorMarcus Gustafsson.

What? Performance Monster
When? 20.8, kl. 13.45 and 21.8 at 13.45
Place? Alandica, Great Hall
Tickets? € 10 adult, € 5 child, booked via Alandic30
The show is aimed at children about 8-12 years

Workshop with Circus Unique

We also present a unique workshop with acrobatics, rope, juggling, stilts or aerial acrobatics. There will be three instructors on site!

For the children, it is extra valuable when they can try for themselves. Children develop when they challenge themselves in a joyful experience!

What? Circus Workshop for children aged 6-13
When? 20.8 kl, 15.15, 21.8 kl. 15.15. Please note that the workshop with Cirkus Unik is 90 minutes.
Place? The Miramarpark (outdoors between Alandica and Mariehamn City Library.)

We look forward to a weekend with a focus on performing arts, movement, words and music in interaction with the children and these Nordic performing artists.

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