How can the Åland's business community push for climate change?

Aland, together with its Nordic neighbors, has agreed to work for the region to become the world's most sustainable. It includes working for carbon neutrality and a sustainable circular economy. 

Welcome to an inspirational afternoon as we explore: What can Åland's business community do to make the vision a reality? How is the interaction between companies and politicians?

On the agenda:

  • Entrepreneurial initiative: The Haga Initiative's secretary general Nina Ekelund and the organization's coordinator Ulrika Erkenborn Rugumayo explain how Swedish companies work together in order to reduce emissions and raise the climate issue.
  • Political agenda: Åland's Minister of Development and Sustainability Alfons Röblom talks about how they work towards the vision and to involve the business community.
  • Talks about climate change and collaboration Business and politics: Entrepreneurs from the network group for sustainable large companies, Anette Höglund chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Sustainability Ambassador Optinova Group, Dan-Mikael Granlund, Granlunda Farm and Granlunda Environment, Nina Ekelund Hagainitativet (Sweden) and Alfons Röblom from the Åland Landscape Government.

When? January 15 at. 14:30 - 17:30 (mingle from 16:30)

Where? Alandica Culture & Congress

The event is free but you need to register at by January 13th. We offer tea / coffee and snacks.

Please note that you can attend parts of the seminar if you find it difficult to participate during the whole session.


Organizers: Nordic Council of Ministers, Haga initiative, Nordic Institute on Åland

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