Dance Friday at on April 17th, with Conny Henrix

Dance Friday online for two hours with Conny Henrix!

NIPÅ continues to present digital concerts on, which reaches everyone in Corona times. Although we cannot meet physically, we want to spread the culture and music in every homes, and at the same time also support musicians and cultural practioners who are hit hard by the Corona-crises. The concept means that we at NIPÅ stands for technology, filming, livestreaming, communication and a fee for participating artists.

We do our best to get a variety of music in these nline-concerts. And this time it's time for a dance band Friday for two full hours! The live recording-session will be held at Parks Bar in Mariehamn. Music gives us joy and we at NIPÅ know that many people really appreciate dance band music and misses the dancing nights. So we think that it is the time to inspire averyone to put on the dance shoes, because now there will be dance online Friday April 17th!

When? Friday April 17th, at 19.00 EEST
Artist? Conny Henrix

It's easy to take part in the concert. Go to and there is a link to the concert, which becomes active at. 19.00 EEST on April 17th. The dance band Friday lasts for 2 x 60 minutes with a small break in the middle. So roughly finish approx. at 21.20.

After the live concert has ended, a recorded version will be posted in on, so that you have the opportunity to listen and dance a little laterif you for example live in a different time zone. Please note that it may take a while before the recorded concert is published - but after it has been published it can be viewed all weekend!

About Conny Henrix

Conny Henrix is an dance band from Åland that was formed as early as 2006 by Conny Sahlin and Henrik Jansson. In 2007 the band was supplemented by Guy Ahlqvist. The band has played all around the country, but no matter where they play they have a very enthusiastic dance crowd. In the winter of 2020, Conny Henrix also made a 14-day tour to Playa del Sol, Canary Islands, Spain.

Conny Henrix plays danceable and "huggy" songs with influences from Black Jack, Elvis, Fernandoz, Lasse Stefanz, Vikings, Matz Bladhs. Mats Bergmans among others. The band's goal is to entertain its audience "from the first tone to the last" and has thereby acquired many followers who faithfully follow the band time after time.

Conny Sahlin, guitar and vocals
Henrik Jansson, keyboards, accordion and vocals
Guy Ahlqvist, drums and vocals
Sune Eriksson, technique

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