Creative writing camp - apply!

Please note! Updated information by March 12th:

The creative writing camp has been canceled as a result of current travel recommendations due to the development of the Corona virus. We hope that we are able to plan a new opportunity sometime in the future.


NIPÅ invites 4 young people aged 16-18 from Åland to participate in a creative writing workshop in Jūrmala, Latvia together with other young people from all over the Baltic region! The camp lasts for three days and is led by Faroese writer Rakel Helmsdal. The language is English, but everyone writes in their own native language. Zandra Lundberg (from Åland) will also be traveling with the youth this year!

"- This is an unforgettable trip for those who like to write, as you travel, you will be filled with inspiration and ideas. Plus, you get to visit a cool place and meet young people with the same interest as you." says Zandra Lundberg.


The application closes by March 17th. NIPÅ then selects 4 of the applicants on the basis of motivation and interest. Please note! The link to the registrationform has been removed, due to the cancellation of the workshop.

During the creative writing camp, you will receive step-by-step guidance on how to write a story, creative writing tools, tips and techniques for building an action and creating compelling characters. The camp is based on the principle of "wonder and change" - the participants will explore new ways of thinking, writing and creating, which will enable them to move forward in their artistic development and writing. After the camp, everyone will have one (or more!) completed written text (in their own native language), and several unfinished texts that they have the opportunity to work on after the camp. In the program, lectures and instructions are interspersed with time to work on their own story, as well as discussions and feedback.

Please contact NIPÅ if you are interested in taking part in the detailed camp program and we will be happy to send it to you.

Rakel is both a writer and artist. She has written 22 books and many other texts - plays, short stories, poems. She is the director, actor and scenographer at 'Karavella Marionett-Teatur' and works with various media. She is a storyteller at heart, sometimes the stories become books, games or poems and other times pictures or sculptures - it depends on the story itself, how it wants to be told. She has been nominated several times for the Nordic Council Children's and Youth Literature Prize and ALMA (Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award). More information:


Practical information

Want to know more about Jūrmala? Read more here!

Jūrmala is connected to Riga by rail, trains depart from Riga every 30 to 50 minutes. A journey from Riga Main Railway Station to Dubulti station takes about 40 minutes.

Accommodation (and breakfast) in shared rooms at hotel Kurši.

Most activities will take place at the Jūrmala library and art and music school (10 min walking distance from the hotel). Participants also have a chance to explore the city's culture and nature in activities organized by the camp and the local municipality.

NIPÅ books, coordinates and stands for all Åland participants' journeys and Zandra Lundberg as a fellow traveler and "coach" for the Åland youth.

Further information about itinerary will be given to the selected participants after 17.3. Departure is April 13, return to Åland April 18.

Please contact NIPÅ project manager Jacob Mangwana Haagendal if you have any questions at or mobile 0401609300.

When? April 14th-18th 2020
Where? Jūrmala
For who? 16-18 year old 

Main organizer: Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Latvia

(Photo: Tiina Tahvnainen)

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