Högtryck plays for 100 minutes June 9th at nipalive.ax

High pressure for 100 minutes on self-government day

On June 9th, it is Åland's autonomy day. And this year, 2020, just that specific day, it is exactly one year left until we begin the anniversary of Åland 100, where we during a whole year will celebrate Åland's 100 years of self-government. And we at NIPÅ would like to celebrate this with 100 minutes of dance band music!

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) has during the Corona-era in the spring of 2020 produced many Friday concerts with a variety of artists in different genres. The most popular event (according to the statistics) was the dance band night in April that was seen live by almost 2,000 people on http://nipalive.ax. In addition to this, everyone who saw the event trough IPTV and all those who have seen, listened and danced after the liveconcert should be added to that number. Therefore, we would like to celebrate this years self-government day on June 9th with a dance band! This time it is the Ålandic band "Högtryck" (means high pressure in english) that will play this evenings music.

The band's name "Högtryck/High Pressure" suits nicely in this context. High pressure plays happy mixed dance music. Both the music style and the band's name set the tone and hope for the upcoming summer.

Högtryck has existed as a band since 1992 and ever since then the focus has been on playing happy music, easy to dance to, for a mixed audience. The music has become a bit more slim as the band plays more and more in public dance venues, where the audience has little other expectations. One leg has nevertheless been tried to keep in the tradition of mixed music of all kinds. Evergreens and "gammeldans" are still included in the repertoire, despite the fact that it has turned to newer dance band songs and of course many songs from their own albums. The modern Swedish dance music like pop and disco has not yet been focused on, but instead they try to find new songs, with a classic cut and good melodies. The repertoire is rarley determined in beforehand, but the song normally is chosen based on audience and mood.

We at the Nordic Institute wish everyone a really enjoyable summer and we look forward to lots of high pressure - in the double sense!

Johan Lindholm, guitar, bass and vocals
Ramona Nordberg, song, accordion and keyboard
Randolph Reymers, keyboard and vocals
Kaj Spoof, drums

Where? http://nipalive.ax
When? June 9th, at  20.00, dance for 50 minutes, paus 15-20 min., then another 50 minutes dance again.
Artist? Högtryck 

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