Junkart with Johan Karlsson, livestream at nipalive.ax

Livestream with Johan Karlsson

Johan Karlsson is regarded as one of Åland's foremost recycling artists. He creates amazing sculptures like no one else. Out of material from the dump, things that otherwise should have been thrown away. Now you have the opportunity to dive stright into his studio for four hole hours and follow his creation of art, at nipalive.ax on August 22nd!

In connection with the ReGeneration Summit (the annual summit for young people focusing on sustainability), the Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) organizes a small mini-festival which fokcuses on sustainability. This year, ReGeneration will be formed in digital manner with local meeting places (hubs) throughout the Nordic region, connecting through zoom and livestreams. The hållbART-festival will also be digital, so that everyone can participate and take part of the program! The summit takes place August 20th-21st and the hållbART-festival continues during the weekend August 22nd-23rd.

On the 22nd, 15:00-19:00 (finnish time) we will broadcast live from Johan Karlsson's studio, where we will see how he creates fantastic works of art out of debrise from the dump. The sculptures are imaginative and created with the most unlikely objects such as cutlery and other recycled metal scrap, which he processes into beautiful sculptural works of art, often in the form of animals of a natural size. Now you have the opportunity to see how Johan works on the screen for four hole hours!

The day after the livestream you will also be able to see Johan's final work at Gallery NIPÅ on Storagatan 9 in Mariehamn.

About Johan Karlsson

Johan Karlsson comes from Mariehamn on Åland and he has studied metalwork at Nyckelviksskolan in Sweden 1998-99.

Since 2006, Johan Karlsson has participated in over twenty art exhibitions, for example at Gallery Skarpans, Sci-Fi Fair Archipelagon, 2016. In 2012, Karlsson participated in SVT's Children's Channel's Philofix program, which created a beetle of recycled metal.

In the spring of 2019, Karlsson participated in a much appreciated art exhibition at the Åland Art Museum.

In 2019, Karlsson's sculptures also attracted much attention at the Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm.

Johan Karlsson's works are represented at the Åland Art Museum, the city of Mariehamn, and in several private collections both in Åland and internationally.

Where? nipalive.ax
When? August 22nd, at 15:00-19:00 eest
Artist? Johan Karlsson (AX)

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