Picture from The Literature Days 2020, Photo Tom Eckerman

The literature days

Livestream on nipalive.ax

The Nordic Institute is pleased to be able to livestream this year's Literature Days. Below you see the dates, times and programs for the parts that are broadcast on nipalive.ax

Freday evening March 26th, start at 19.30

  • Host: Leila Cromwell-Morgan Lönnroth.
  • Inauguration speech by Sanna Tahvanainen.
  • Participants: Axel Åhman, Kjell Westö, Juha Itkonen, Johanna Holmström, Sofi Oksanen, Janina Orlov, Anna Järvinen and Stina Jackson.
  • End 22.00

Saturday March 27th

  • 10.00 Meet Åland writers with Sonja Nordenswan and Pernilla Lindroos. Conversation leader: Tomi Riitamaa
  • 10.25 Meet Åland writers with Martin Högstrand and Gunilla Wahlsten. Conversation leader: Katarina Gäddnäs.
  • 10.50 The longing for children's books with Fredrik Sonck, Karin Erlandsson, Sanna Tahvanainen and Hannamari Ruohonen. Conversation leader: Tomi Riitamaa
  • 11.25 Frihamn and the 60's Mariehman. Leo Löthman in conversation with Jonnie Listherby. Åland 100.
  • 11.50 The place of literature in an anxious time with Rosanna Fellman, Axel Åhman and Juha Itkonen. Conversation leader: Katarina Gäddnäs.
  • 12.15 Lunch break
  • 12.30 The bridges. Sebastian Johans about his debut novel in conversation with Janina Orlov. Åland 100.
  • 12.55 Black. Norwegian Susanne Skogstad about her debut novel in a conversation with Janina Orlov. Read more about Svartstilla and Susanne Skogstad here.
  • 13.15 I have to stop thinking about Patrik Lundgren. Josefin Sonck about his debut novel in conversation with Fanny Thalén.
  • 13.40 Sorcery and witch trials with Marko Lamberg and Carina Karlsson. In conversation with Katarina Gäddnäs. In collaboration with SLS.
  • 14.10 Occupy Åland with Sten Ekman. Åland 100.
  • 14.30 Monster and therapy. Mats Strandberg in conversation with Jonna Ekman.

Sunday March 28th

  • 13.00 Poetry - the longing for the clear language with Rosanna Fellman in conversation with Katarina Gäddnäs.
  • 13.25 Lisbeta - to make an opera out of a novel with Carina Karlsson and Ida Kronholm. Åland 100.
  • 13.50 The Sunday sofa - The Åland example with Jerker Örjans, Wille Valve, Ida Jansson. Conversation leader: Susann Simolin. Åland 100.

Photo: Tom Eckerman

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