Poporkestern på Åland gör digital konsert med Nordens institut på Åland

A poporchestra that provides a digital, musical soap opera

NIPÅ presents a series of digital concerts on nipalive.ax, which work and make sense in Corona times. In this way, the culture reaches everyone even though we cannot meet physically and at the same time we also support cultural practitioners who are otherwise severely affected by the Corona crisis with canceled events. The concept means that NIPÅ stands for technology, filming, livestreaming, communication and a gage for participating artists.

The fourth concert in the digital serie will be the Poporkestern Åland which, with tones and words, tells a kind of Åland musical soapopera!

Where? nipalive.ax
When? Thursday April 9th, 19.00 EEST
Artist? Poporkestern Åland

It's easy to take part in the concert. Go to nipalive.ax and there is a link to the concert, which becomes active at April 9th, 19.00 EEST. 

After the live concert has ended, a recorded version of the concert will be published on nipalive.ax, so that even you who want to see the concert later (or live in a different time zone) can do so. It may take a while before the recorded concert gets published - but then it is published the entire Easter weekend!

About Poporkestern Åland

Poporkestern Åland plays warm, engaging pop songs that form a narrative weave with recurring, kufic characters in recognizable environments.

The songs tell stories about Marja-Leena, the waitress at a local pub (Pub Ettan), the single man Disco-Tommy at the local dansclud (Kino), the mysterious internet widower at Njutaregränd and feelgood-on-a-normal-tuesday Mari, to name a few.

The music is characteristic and has its harmonious residence somewhere on the outskirts of Lars Winnerbäck and Bo Kasper's orchestra. The band was at the beginning of the year several weeks high placed on the Vegatoppen with "Mysteriet på Njutaregränd" from the album "The Ballad of Marja-Leena and Johan P". The band has released two discs for listening to Spotify and AppleMusic.

The front character Michael Hancock is the main composer of the music and lyrics and in his past has had a career as a soapopera writer in Stockholm. He has been a full-time Ålander for 20 years and works as a reporter at the newspaper New Åland.

Poporkestern Åland collects the cream of domestic local music: behind the drums is Markus Helander (with a background in Sibelius Academy), Jochum Juslin at (Father Macenzie / What Club) and Robert Zetterquist, a multi-instrumentalist (folk music group Skrömta and others). Other members are Kristian Karlå (keyboard), Alexander Lindberg (percussion, drums) and choir members Inger Vannan and Birgitta Livén.

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