ReGeneration Summit 2020

ReGeneration Summit 2020

Regeneration 2030 is a movement led by teenagers and young adults in the Nordic countries and in the countries around the Baltic Sea. The movement is working to achieve the UN's sustainability goals and to give young people a prominent role in the talks on the future, which is unfortunately too rare. The movement wants to strengthen the young people's voice and the work is based on voluntary work and is a non-profit movement.

ReGeneration wants to build a movement where teens and young adults, through innovations and pre-existing solutions, help get individuals, civil society, business and politicians to work towards the UN's sustainability goals. The work is not only to be done by young people, but believe in meeting with established leaders in all parts of society. By sharing experiences and collaborating across the generations, the movement help today's young people to get the tools in order to become brave future leaders who work for sustainability.

A sustainable society requires increased cooperation across national borders and between different generations. Therefore, ReGeneration strives to engage young people in our region to jointly create action plans that impact both locally and for the entire region. Every year, young people gather at a summit, which is usually held at Åland, Mariehamn. The summit is a way to meet other young people. Everyone is welcome without the requirement of previous experience of sustainability work.

However, due to COVID-19, this year's planning will be slightly different. The 2020 meeting will instead be a combination of meeting online and at local meeting places throughout the Nordic region. The Nordic Institute on Åland is one of the local meeting places. Åland leeds the entire meeting and there will also be many cultural elements that will be distributed to participants throughout the region. It will be a online Sustainability Festival in Åland called hållbART, which will start during the summit and continue during the weekend after the summit.

The foremost target group for Regeneration is: 

  • Young people between 15-29 years in the Nordics and the Baltic Sea area
  • The countries and autonomous areas: Denmark, Estonia, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden and the Åland Islands
  • Young people who have an interest in making change through taking action to implement more sustainable solutions. No matter if you have been working it for years or you just got to know about it. 

It is important to keep in mind to engage and work with everyone who believes in the vision. ReGeneration 2030 is grateful to have great partners and passionate adults who are working with the project to create more space for youth at the tables of decision-makers. Co-operation is necessary. 

Youth living on Åland Island with an interest in sustainability issues is welcome to register for this year’s summit and sing in for the hub in Mariehamn. In the hub you will meet the other participants in the whole region and then work in local groups in the hub, with an interest for the issues that are important locally. It is also possible to only participate online. 

This year’s summit will be an intense and action-oriented event that will the participants the tools and network to continue the work in your local community after the summit. The theme is sustainability goal 17 which is about partnerships for the goals. It is both about understanding what you can achieve as an individual and the power of a group, city, country and working together to utilizing the knowledge across our region.

Youth who are interested in getting actively involved and becoming part of the movement are more than welcome to join. If you sign up to become part of this years’ summit, you are part of co-creating what ReGeneration 2030 could and should be doing in your local context. The project is not trying to tell you what to do, but instead give you tools, inspiration and ideas that leads to change. There will also be workshops where one can go deeper into certain sustainability goals and cultural events that encourages sustainability. 

The outcome of this years´ summit will be local statements and plans of action for each local hub or online working group.   

For more information, please vist ReGeneration homepage, facebook or facebook-event

Sign up for this years summit here!

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