Friday concert with Robert Zetterqvist & Quasimondo

Friday livestream March 27th, 19.00 - Robert Zetterqvist & Quasimondo (AX)

NIPÅ is working intensively to develop digital and creative cultural solutions that work and make sense in Corona times. Solutions that also support cultural practitioners who are otherwise hit hard by the Corona crisis with canceled events and concerts. That's why we now are presenting a series of digital Friday concerts that everyone can enjoy digitally at

When? March 27th, 19.00
Artist? Robert Zetterqvist & Quasimondo

This will be the second Friday concert in the serie with live concert; a wonderful concert with Robert Zetterqvist & Quasimondo, from Åland. This is guaranteed to be an amazing concert with talented musicians! Every tone they take is done with great emotion.

This arrangement means that we at NIPÅ can offer culture out in the homes, at a time when we all need it most, even though we cannot meet physically during the Corona-crises. The concept means that NIPÅ stands for technology, filming, livestreaming, communication and a fee for participating artists.

It's easy to take part of the concert. Go to and there is a link to the concert, which becomes active March 27th 19.00

About Robert Zetterqvist & Quasimondo

The Swedish/Ålandic guitarist Robert Zetterqvist's very lively project Quasimondo offers a cocktail of different elements that can challenge your perceptions on a fundamental level. The music creates a twilight zone between surrealism and utmost seriousness in the pursuit of fish & chips and freedom. Quasimondo is an adventure that takes the listener on a journey through different styles and ideas. The club music is not as it seems, but submits to the musical attitude of jazz. And the jazz music, in itself, returns to its real life environment - the dance scene and the underground.

Robert Zetterqvist - guitar
Fredrik Erlandsson - trumpet
Markus Helander - drums
Edward Furbacken - Loops & FX

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