Picture of Sara Nazari who will attend this year's Literature Days in Mariehamn. Foto: Daniela Spiroska

Spoken word as an art form

Sara Nazari is one of the foremost spoken-word artists in Sweden right now and in March she participates in Mariehamn's Literature Days, to discuss spoken word as art and form of expression.

Nazari broke through with the spoken word collective Revolution Poetry when she was 14 years old. She has performed both on television and in large stages with her poetry. She has an impressive list of projects and events she has been a part of. Last year, she wrote the trailer for the European Football Championship. Among other things, she also had time to perform in the performance Poetic (R) Evolution at Berwardhallen in Stockholm, participated in Musikhjälpen and performed at the tribute event Together for a better day in the Avicii Arena.

At this year's literature days, she comes with support from the Nordic Institute on Åland, partly to discuss spoken word as an art and expression form, together with Jonna Ekman, and about the writing process. Sara Nazari will also perform a poem at Friday's inauguration.

Are you curious to hear Sara Nazari right now? Then you can further down on this page find her performance from Musikhjälpen in 2021.

Mariehamn's literature days is an annual festival that is arranged on a weekend in March in Mariehamn's city library. The organizers invite authors and artists in collaboration with several different actors and support - and create a literary program around a selected theme. The Literature Days were first held in 1993 and have since grown and become a well-established event.

Mariehamn's Literature Days this year offers a very exciting program 24-27.3 and you can read the intire programe here.

When? 25.3 at 16.00 and 26.3 at 14.30-15.00
Where? Mariehamn City Library, Strandgatan 29
Artist? Sara Nazari

Photo: Daniela Spiroska

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