Art installations of rubbish. Photo art by Johanna Sandin at on 24.6-24.8

"Washed Ashore" - Art of rubbish

Johanna Sandin is a landscape photographer and lives in Finland, Hangö. In all kind of weather she takes the camera out to into the dramatic landscape. She is most comfortable in stormy, gray weather, on the rocks in her hometown Hangö, and the sea is a recurring motif in her pictures. She has for many years roamed the beaches with the camera in hand, and became increasingly aware of the amount of plastic and other debris that is there. She began to remove the garbage, created art installations out of it and now exhibits photographs as a digital exhibition at the Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ). She also hopes that her junk art will inspire others to do the same.

”- In recent years, as I have wandered along the shores of Hangö with the camera in my hand, and I have become increasingly aware of plastic and all the other rubbish. More and more often I have had to remove disturbing colorful plastic objects from an otherwise scenic landscape. Today, I always carry bags with me to easily carry the junk home with me. The idea of creating something new of the plastic grew stronger and stronger, which could at the same time could make my others more aware of the problem. " says Johanna Sandin.

Johanna Sandin started picking up rubbish on the beaches of Hangö in 2018. She sorted it, washed the plastic and then did some test pictures. Inkeri Pekkanen and Simo Nyrönen also collected material. As the amount of material crew bigger, creativity and ideas also increased. The fantastic, and terrible plastic, does well in the picture and only the imagination and time, sets boundaries.

It all culminated in an exhibition called "Washed Ashore", which now almost has become a new well-known concept. Now the Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) also wants to highlight this concept and the exhibition which focuses on the scrap and rubbosh, in order to rise the awareness of the plastic problem in the world ocean, the Baltic Sea and along our own beaches.

Inspiration, challenge and competition!

NIPÅ hopes that the exhibition with Johanna Sandin's artwork can inspire people to pick up after themselves and others, but above all inspire them to refrain from littering. The digital exhibition at NIPÅ will also include a competition that everybody can participate in. As a participant, you can help to reduce litter and at the same time be part of a photo competition where the prize is a work of art done by one of Åland's most prominent recycling artists; Johan Karlsson, with a value of 229 euros.

The winning contribution will be contacted in the end of August.

Where? Digital exhibition at
When? 24.6 - 24.8.2020
Who? Johanna Sandin (FI)

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