Nordens institut på Åland presenterar Young Nordic Stars på Grönland. Jack Sundström på bild.

Jack Sundström to Greenland with Young Nordic Stars

In the summer of 2019, the Nordic Institute on Åland had the pleasure of presenting two talented teenagers who went on tour around Denmark, Finland and Åland with Swinging Europe's project Young Nordic Stars. Now the project will go on to Greenland and one of the teenagers from Åland will join the project even on this part of the tour; Jack Sundström! With the help of the project, young musicians will have the opportunity to experience life as a touring artist and at the same time build on their Nordic music network.

The band that toured this summer consisted of 13 young musicians from Denmark, Finland, Åland and Greenland. Under the leadership of Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, they previously trained together for the 10-day long Nordic summer tour in Denmark, Åland and Finland. And now it is time to get off to Greenland.

- "It will be great fun to meet everyone again, eventhough some of the participants couldn't come to Greenland," says Jack Sundström, who will play drums during the concerts in Greenland.

Through the project, the young musicians will gain practical experience of the various challenges that a professional musician can experience. For example, settings of instruments, the room's possibilities in relation to acoustics, presence and interaction with the band members and the audience.

The project aims to create a platform for innovative musical talent development across linguistic and national boundaries. The goal is for Nordic youth to experience greater interaction with other young people who are interested in music - and they are encouraged to speak Nordic on the tour, not English. - "The most important thing I have learned through the project so far is clearly how to communicate with people who do not speak the same language," says Jack when Nordic Institute on Åland has contact with him.

- "I've never been to Greenland before, so I'm really excited to experience this part of the Nordic region," says Jack, who now is looking forward to the contined project eith Young Nordic Stars.

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