Debate during Åland Pride 26.8

Debate during Åland Pride

Publicerad Wednesday 19 August kl 15:41

Do LGBTI people in the Nordic countries experience different healthcare treatment than the rest of the population?

In 2019, the Nordic ministers for equality between women and men, entered into political co-operation with the aim of strengthening protection and improving the lives of LGBT people throughout the Nordic region. As part of the work, a series of debates will now shed light on obstacles and challenges related to gender equality and rights for LGBT people in the Nordic region.

The debate series starts on Åland on 26 August in connection with Åland Pride and will then tour throughout the Nordic region, including the Faroe Islands and Greenland, during the autumn. The debates will bring together professionals, activists, social actors and organizations in the LGBT sector and the intention is to create networks for further cooperation, in addition to highlighting the rights and opportunities of LGBT people in the Nordic region.

During the debate series, various topics will be addressed that will highlight the challenges of LGBTI people in daily meetings. We will address the right to live a dignified, protected and open life, everyday life at school and work, recognition and rights related to the family and how to be received by health care. Another major problem in our societies is violence and discrimination against LGBT people. This will be highlighted with particular emphasis on the challenges associated with minority identities.

Dates for debate series

  • Åland Pride, 26 August
  • Helsinki Pride, 8 September
  • Umepride, September 26th
  • Tórshavn, 12 October
  • Reykjavík, 14 October
  • Nuuk, 16 October
  • MIX Copenhagen, 23 October
  • Arctic Pride, Tromsø 10 November

The knowledge and experience that the debate series gives us, a report will be compiled, and used in the further work. Gisle Gjevestad Agledahl, Norwegian presenter and journalist will participate throughout the tour and write the report. All debates will be broadcast live / streamed.

Since 1974, the Nordic Council of Ministers has been working on gender equality and discrimination issues in the Nordic region. 2020 aims to increase cooperation on gender equality and rights for LGBT people. To support the development of a long-term and reliable collaboration, a survey and analysis in the area will be carried out and presented in November by Nordic Information for Gender Knowledge (NIKK).

Footnote: LGBTI is the term used by the Nordic Council of Ministers. It stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender / transsexual and intersex.

When? August 26, 18.00 – 19.45
Where? Mariehamns Stadsbibliotek

You can also follow the livestream of the debate here:





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