Picture for the project "How are you, Norden?" A writing project by NISS.

How are you, Norden?

Publicerad Thursday 07 May kl 13:01

Express yourself about the corona era in a Nordic writing project!

2 themes, 700 characters and maybe a picture. So simple is the concept where you now want to get the whole of the Nordic countries to write about their thoughts, experiences and feelings about the Corona era.

NISS is NIPÅ's sister organization, and just like NIPÅ, they work with Nordic culture and Nordic cooperation, however, in the Danish-German border area. NISS is the initiator of this project where they invite people from all parts of the Nordic region to participate with texts and pictures. Contributions will be published later on the NISS website.

 " – We hope that the texts can become a story about how the corona era has affected people's lives in the Nordic countries and what each one brings with them in a (new) everyday life, " says Eva Ritter, NISS's director, about the project.

How do you participate and who can participate?

You can choose to write about two themes:

Theme 1 is about emotions, thoughts and experiences during the corona crisis.

Theme 2 is about what you bring from the corona crisis into a (new) everyday life. If you want to do something differently than before.

It does not have to be personal or a description of possible changes in society. You can write a simple sentence, a small poem or text about something that is important to you right now.

Everyone who lives in a Nordic country can participate, regardless of age and nationality. The stories can be written in the language that is the "language of your heart". NISS takes the liberty of translating the texts into a Nordic language if necessary, together with the original text.

The text should be maximum 700 characters incl. spaces (1,000 characters for Greenlandic contributions). It is also possible to add one image up to 2 MB. The image must be your own and you must have the right to submit it for publication. Together with the contributions, first names, cities and countries are published to place the stories throughout the Nordic region.

You can send your text to NISS at the latest by June 21st to nordisk-info@nordisk-info.de.

Read more about the NISS writing-project here.

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