Outdoor sculpture by the Sami artist Anders Sunna

No vernissage

Publicerad Wednesday 05 January kl 09:06

Due to the recent development of the pandemic, we are canceling the planned vernissage that would have opened Anders Sunna's exhibition at the Nordic Institute on Åland. The exhibition can be seen during from January 13th to February 24th and we continue with the limited opening hours; Thursdays at 17-20 and Saturdays at 12-15. If you would like to book a private session in order to see the exhibition, without other guests in the gallery, you are welcome to contact us at the Nordic institute to make a reservation.

Anders Sunna is a well-known sami artist who, through his politically charged works of art, tells the story of the Sami people's violence and oppression and specifically addresses his family's five decades long struggle for their right and recognition to be forest reindeer herders. Due to government policies, the family lost its reindeer ear badges, a custom that demonstrates the individual ownership of reindeer and the right to work as a reindeer herders. Sunna himself usually says that he is engaged in "guerrilla management" and uses his artistic practice to strengthen the Sami community.

With powerful imagery and political satire, his paintings, graffiti, sculptures and installations shows how the abuse of authority and power leads to the exploitation of land and natural resources, forced relocation and racial persecution of the Sami people.

Please read more about Anders Sunna and his exhibition here

We look forward to welcoming Anders Sunna and his powerful art to Åland and the Nordic institute.

ps. There is of course mouth protection and handdisinfection in the gallery and we follow current recommendations.

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