Tips on Nordic grant programs with an application deadline in the beginning of May. Photo: charly pn

Nordic grant programs with a deadline in early May

Publicerad Thursday 22 April kl 14:32

The Nordic Institute on Åland is a local information point and has an advisory role to guide you who are active in arts and culture, so that you find the right support among all the different Nordic grant programs. Right now we want to draw your attention to two different important programs, both of which have an application deadline in early May.

Norden 0-30 is a grant program, by the Nordic Cultural Point (NKK), which supports children and young people's own projects. The aim is to strengthen young people's organization, influence and participation in political, cultural and social activities. The program's target group is children and young people up to 30 years. Read more about the grant program Norden 0-30.

The Nordic Culture Fund (NKF) is also an important pillar in Nordic art and cultural life. Their programs shape diverse Nordic collaborations in all areas of art and culture. Here you can apply for project support and the upcoming application deadline is May 3rd. The projects must have a clear and relevant anchoring in the local surroundings and there must be committed parties in the project. Individuals, groups, associations, companies, public and private organizations are welcome to apply to the programe. Read more and apply for projectsupport here.

Don´t hesitate in contacting us at The Nordic institue on Åland if you would like an adisory session in order to help you find your way between all the differet Nordic fundings. 

Photo: charly pn

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