Picture for that says "Extra job", that means that NIPÅ are looking for extra workers during summertime

Are you looking for a summer job?

Publicerad Monday 18 February kl 08:50

The Nordic Institute on Åland has nice, appreciated exhibition rooms at Storagatan 9, in Mariehamn. From time to time we need some extra hands, mainly to keep the exhibition open evenings and weekends. This summer we have e.g. an exciting exhibition "Sailors' patronesses" and we are now looking for you who would be interested in working extra in the exhibition during the summer. We imagine that you are outgoing, that you like to talk to people and that you are interested in art and culture.

Send an email with a freely formulated application to alexandra.trizna@nipa.ax.

Update 7.6: Thank you all for the great interest! Now we already have found our perfect summer staff. We at NIPÅ are very happy that so many wonderful people got in touch so quickly and we want to wish you all a great summer and good luck with your continued job search!

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