Summer exhibition with Felcia Lindbäck (picture), at the Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ)

Sailors' patronesses

Summer exhibition with Felicia Lindbäck 

The exhibition "Sailors' patronesses" is a tribute to women through the history of shipping. The women who have always stood by their sailors side. What do their stories look like? What makes them proud? What burdens do they have? Is it the same now as a hundred years ago, or are there new and other challenges in modern times for those who are "left at shore". 

” – I will in textile and words interpret the female portrait from the past, in order to highlight her in thought today. The exhibition will create a room with the opportunity for flashbacks and reflection on historical shipping based on the woman's life at home on land. ” says Felicia Lindbäck.

Felicia is a craftsman and designer from Åland, educated at Stockholm's Cutting Academy and Åland Folk High School. Today, she works as a self-employed person under Felicia Lindbäck Couture, where she mainly sews wedding and gala dresses.

Thanks also to Nann Sommarström and Josefin Bergsten who contribute to the exhibition with their thoughts in the form of text, so that the stories are brought to life.

Where? Nordic institute on Åland, Storagatan 9, Mariehamn.
When? June 9th - August 14th, Thursdays at 17-20, Saturdays at 12-15
Vernissage June 9th at 17-19
In addition to this, the exhibition is also open during Sail Åland: 22.7 kl. 17-20, 23.7 kl. 17-20, 24.7 kl. 12-15, 25.7 kl. 12-15.

Artist? Felicia Lindbäck

Open conversation "Two different lives"

In connection with the exhibition, the Nordic Institute also invite you to an evening with open conversations on the theme "Two different lives", on 10 August at 18-20, for those who want to talk more deeply about the topic. The talks will be led by Hanna Hagmark, historian and museum director, and participating in the talk is Isabella Grüssner-Sarling, screenwriter and director of My Two Half Lives - A Sailor Wife's Prayers and Balance Sheets, a monologue based on Hanna Hagmark's research

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