Kulturprogram 2022

24 Mar to 26 Mar
Mariehamns stadsbibliotek

Spoken word as an art form

Sara Nazari is one of the foremost spoken-word artists in Sweden right now and in March she participates in Mariehamn's Literature Days, to discuss spoken word as art and form of... Read more
Picture of Sara Nazari who will attend this year's Literature Days in Mariehamn. Foto: Daniela Spiroska
25 Mar to 27 Mar
Mariehamns Stadsbibliotekk

Livepaint with Ralph Branders

During Mariehamn's Literature Days 2022, the artist Ralph Branders will carry out a live painting session over a few days, inspired by literature and poetry, in collaboration with... Read more
Picture of Ralph Branders
29 Mar to 29 May
nipa.ax and Mariehamn City Library

The art of words and mind

During Mariehamn's Literature Days, a three-day long live painting was arranged where the artist Ralph Branders painted with inspiration from literature, poetry, ongoing ... Read more
Exhibition with Ralph Branders
20 May
Alandica kultur- och kongress, Strandgatan 33
Pris: 27€

100 years of poetry history in newly written music

Peter Hägerstrand & Badhusepoken interpret 100 years of Åland's poetry in newly written music! Do not miss the magnificent concert at Alandica on May 20th, where the poems are... Read more
Poetry concert with Peter Hägerstrand and Badhusepoken
14 Jun

OPEN CALL - Art for future

Art Agenda 2030 are now looking for art from children av younth from all over the Nordic region! And we at the Nordic Institute on Åland hope that many young people on Åland will... Read more
Picture that presents Art Agenda 2030 - Open Call for young
01 Nov to 03 Nov

Nordic Council Session 2022

The 74th Session of the Nordic Council takes place in Helsinki from 31 October to 3 November. The topic for the Session’s summit of members of the Nordic Council and the Nordic... Read more
Nordic Council Session 2022

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