Kulturprogram 2020

01 May

Symphony Orchestra and Heavy Metal

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) presents ongoing Friday concerts online at nipalive.ax in Corona times. We work hard to get a variety in genre and style. On May 1st of this... Read more
TÝR and Føroyar symphony orchestra at http://nipalive.ax on 1.5
15 May

Pluto`s Baby and Linnea Selander

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) continues to present Friday concerts at nipalive.ax. On May 15th, Pluto's Baby, who is Linnéa Selander from Åland, will be presenting her... Read more
Linnea Selander and Plutos Baby at http://nipalive.ax
22 May

At-home concert with Johanna Grüssner

The Nordic institute on Åland (NIPÅ) continues with the appreciated Friday concerts at nipalive.ax. On May 22nd at 19.00 we are invited home to the Ålandic singer Johanna Grüssner... Read more
At the home of Johanna Grüssner, nipalive.ax on May 22nd, a concert by the Nordic Institute on Åland. Photo: Marcus Boman
29 May

Danish jazz from Dexter

The Nordic institute on Åland (NIPÅ) continues with the very appriciated Friday concerts at nipalive.ax. On May 29th at 7 pm it will be time for some nice Danish jazz from Dexter... Read more
Danish jazz from Dexter
05 Jun

SURIV - emotional concert

On Friday June 5th, NIPÅ will be presenting a concert that puts sounds to the emotions of and up-side-down world. This will be a slow free musical interpretation by some Åland... Read more
SURIV - en emotional concert at http://nipalive.ax, June 5th. Photo: Marcus Borenius
20 Aug to 20 Oct


Björn Friborg is a Scandinavian glass artist with fascinating artistic range. He disrespects the fragile material and examines what the glassbody can handle and express. He... Read more
Digital exhibition with Björn Friborg, glassartist, at nipa.ax. Photo: Hans Runesson
02 Oct

Sturla Eide - high-class Norwegian folk music

It was 10 years since Sturla Eide released his own songs, but now he is up to date again with his own material. The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) is very pleased to present... Read more
Sturla Eide at nipalive.ax October 2nd
20 Oct to 20 Dec

Light and darkness

Yvonne Swahn is a Swedish artist who works from an unconditional starting point where sensations and impressions are interwoven. Memories and the influence of external and... Read more
Distant light. Painting by Yvonne Swahn. Displayed in digital exhibition at the Nordic Institute on Åland, starting October 20th

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